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- Tiger -


HMS Tiger Ė Tyler (2018+)

4.5 units, 24 seconds, British Battlecruiser




HMS Tiger will be a ďkit bashĒ where I take a HMS Lion hull and modify it into the HMS Tiger. The ships were very similar in length (Tiger was 4 feet longer, which is 1/3 inch in scale) and beam (Tiger was 2 feet wider, which is 1/6 inch in scale) and the overall hull shape was extremely similar and though Iíve not been able to really confirm that they are identical, it will be close enough to fake it. I got the hull for Christmas in 2017.




Hull is marked where the ribs will go.




Getting ready to cut the windows out and leave the ribs behind. 15% of the side of the hull can remain impenetrable front to back, 85% must be removed. The cut out section needs to be at a depth 1 inch below the waterline. I had floated it at about the weight I thought it would battle and figured out the bottom cut, the upper horizontal cuts are determined by the 3/8 inch deck/subdeck assembly and/or the stringer. I would recommend drilling holes at the corners and leaving them ever so slightly rounded for strength, this also makes the cutting go a little quicker since you donít have to be so precise to not cut too far past a corner.




The hull is (mostly) cut. It is generally a good idea to line the ribs up so that there are more in the bow (to block bbís entering the more vulnerable part of the ship) and also I usually line them up to straddle casemates to give even more impenetrable area through that portion of the ship. Of note the marked middle sections are incorrect and will be trimmed down as the process continues.



The ship lays out very similar to the Kongo as seen in the background. The Kongo is 24 feet (2 inches in scale) longer. The turrets are in very similar places, with the more to the middle stern turret just 1 or so inch in front of where the Kongoís is located.



Decks are coming together. Iíve opted to lay them all out and glue them together first, then glue them into the fiberglass hull. This will keep the two deck levels flush with each other.



Deck is glued in. I debated a lot about how to make the deck sections come apart. Usually I like when the sections with guns can stay put during routine operation and only need to open for more advanced repairs, while the middle superstructure containing part can be opened to change CO2 and batteries which is also convenient for transport. The far bow section will have the 2 bow turrets. The far stern lower section will have the stern most. And the raised stern section will have the other turret. Iíve debated attaching the stern most two parts vs keeping 4 separate sections, I think I will start with 4 which I generally donít like doing. There is further trimming of the fiberglass that needs to be done.



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