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- Tylerís Hulls -

I donít have too many ships, you have too many ships!



Occasionally we ask each other how many ships we have. I had no idea but had a ballpark estimation. Many of us are collectors and have a hard time letting go. Many of us have aspirations but not enough time. For one reason or another, I have these ships in my workspace that are nowhere close to completed. Some of them are not technically mine but I could see myself building them. As of 9/2022, here are 16 potential ships.



USS Cleveland. Really no benefit over a step deck cruiser.



IJN Aoba. I already have a half built one. This one came with it and was an attempt to make the hull light weight by using a different fiberglass.



Spanish cruiser Canarias. Itís actually Stangleís but I am holding it for him. I think he was going to build it into a convoy ship?



USS Houston. Original Swampworks with full ship kit and instructions. I got this from Gerald. It had been collecting dust. I put the deck in and some water channeling.



Lutzow. Empty.



Lutzow with stuff on it.



USS Florida. I intend to build this and battle spinning boats with the VU.



Derfflinger 3?



Derfflinger 4?



HMS Tiger 2. Converted by Gerald this Lion hull now has the Tiger casemates fiber glassed in.



USS Maryland.



USS West Virginia. Can be a good ship. Iíve thought about stretching it into the WW1 So Dak.



HMS Valiant. Stangleís slab sided slugger, I may build it out. And re-work the casemates into the Barham. This is the best ship in the hobby.



FN Jean Bart. How crazy am I? Not that crazy. Works well to float test other ships inside of it though.



Some small campaign boat.






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