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Port Polar Bear plays under the rules of the IRCWCC, which is a larger 144th scale warship combat group. Our rules focus on safety above all else. Secondarily the rules provide for a common building platform and battlefield which allows people from different parts of the country to play the same game. Human nature is often to try to push the boundaries of the rules in the name of innovation and competitive advantage, but in the end the club at large votes on rule changes year to year to adjust for incoming technology and loopholes.


Most of the common questions regarding our rules are summarized as such:

       ships are 144th scale

       the models are roughly scaled in terms of relative power of the actual ship and assigned battle classes 1-7

       the battle class generally determines the number of units (from 0.5 to 8.0)

       each standard battle unit is either a gun with 50 bbs or a pump

       the only offensive weapon allowed is a standard 0.177 caliber bb fired by compressed CO2

       speed is determined by both the type of length of the ship, longer boats are faster, shorter boats are slower but generally turn better

       85% of the side of the ship is penetrable and covered only by 1/32 inch balsa and the other 15% is left solid for structural support


Click on the link below to learn more and see the full set of rules on the IRCWCC web site.




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