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International Radio Controlled Warship Combat Club (IRCWCC)


With their dockyards nestled in the frozen tundra of Minnesota, the captains of the Port Polar Bear (associated with the IRCWCC) build and battle remote controlled 144th-scale model warships from the First and Second World Wars. The combat ready models are replicas of historical ships that were launched between 1906 and 1946. They are armed with one or more BB cannons for offense and have pumps for defense, and battle each other in shallow ponds across the country. The cannons shoot holes through the thin (1/32 inch) balsa sides of their opponents. When the ships take on too much water and the on-board bilge pump can’t keep up, they sink. After a sink the model is quickly recovered, patched and ready to battle in another sortie the same day.

It's wet and wild fun! 

Upcoming battles:

 NATS, Ionia, MI – July 9-14, 2023

PPB Fall Battle – September 9-10, 2023



Recent Events:





Memorial Weekend 2023

PPB Memorial Weekend Battle Sat/Sun May 27/28.  We battled three full battles (6 sorties) on Saturday and 2 battles on Sunday, the second of which was 3 sorties instead of doing a full cycle of count/patch. In attendance was: Tyler (Yamato), McCoy (VU), Addie (Tourville), Bob (John's Scharnhorst), Zach (John's Kongo), Matthew (Nagato), Andy (Nagato), Mike (Seydlitz), Peter (Erin), KC Tom (WW1 Montana).




Brouhaha 2023

Brouhaha March 11-12, 2023. 6 battles. Mike (Seydlitz) Best of Class 4, Andy (Nagato) Winning Admiral, Tyler (Yamato) Best of Class 6-7/Most Feared Axis, Bob (Scharnhorst) Best of Class 5/Losing Admiral.

The whole crew. Front row: Rick (Jamaica), Tyler (Yamato), Gerlad (Kongo). Back row: Sam (Brooklyn), Mike (Seydlitz), Bob (Scharnhorst), Andy (Nagato), Wade (was there too), Tom (Montana), Ted (VDT), Gerald (Hiei).




PPB Fall Battle 2022

PPB Ice Breaker Fall Battle September 10/11, 2022. We battled 5 complete two sortie battles. Picture above is from Sunday. Back row: Caden (new guy), Kas (NC), Andy (Nagato), Bob (Nagato), Zach (Nagato), Owen (new guy). Front row: Mark (NC), Tom (WWI SoDak), Rick (Jamaica), Tyler (Yamato), McCoy (Viribus Unitis).




NATS 2022

NATS 2022, Ionia, MI. July 11-15. Humans left to right: Andy, John, Matthew, McCoy, Tyler, Bob, Zach, Mike. Top level of ships left to right: Vertie, Glorie, Glorie, Glorie, Duca d’Aosta, Zara, Seydlitz, Kongo, Nagato, Nagato, Nagato, Nagato, Yamato. Bottom level of ships left to right: Radetzky, Zyrini, Hikawa Maru, Hie Maru, Heian Maru, Hikawa Maru, Andy’s Freighter, John’s Freighter, BaltacarrierBikecarrier, LST, LST, Akizuki. Tyler (Yamato) was the admiral of the Blue Fleet which won the week by 3000 points along with Bob (Nagato), Andy (Nagato), Matthew (Nagato), Mike (Seydlitz), McCoy (Zara). Red fleet members were Zach (Nagato), John (Kongo).




Memorial Weekend 2022

PPB Memorial Weekend Battle Sat/Sun May 28, 29 2022. We hosted our typical 2 day Memorial Weekend battle. The local regulars in attendance were: Tyler (Yamato), Andy (Nagato), Bob (John’s Kongo), Zach (Nagato), Peter (Erin), Mike (Seydlitz), Bryan (Idaho), McCoy (Zara), Addie (Tourville). The KC regulars came up as well: Tom (Montana), Rick (Jamaica). We had two of the old regulars show up: Ron, Ryan. And we had two new hopefully-soon-to-be regulars come to their first battle: Caden, Owen. We were able to do 6 complete battles.




Brouhaha 2022

Brouhaha 2022 (14th annual) March 19, 20 2022. Mike S Peter (Erin), Mike S (Seydlitz), Bob (Nagato), Tyler (Tiger), Andy (Nagato). Also in attendance were Mike T (Scharnhorst), Gerald (on loan Liberte), Dirty (Kongo), Tom P (interwar proposed Montana), Rick (Jamaica), Ted (VDT and Scheer), Wade (Lutzow). The attendance was a little lighter than usual. We mixed the teams every battle and were able to get in 3 complete battles each day. Awards: Best of Class: 6-8 Tom, 5 Mike T, 4 Mike S, 1-3 Rick. Most Feared Allied: Tyler. Most Feared Axis: Bob. Best of Scale: Mike T (3d printed Scharny). Winning Admiral: Peter. Losing Admiral: Peter.




Fall battle 2021


 PPB Ice Breaker Fall Battle September 11/12, 2021. We had a 2 day event with multiple out of town finds joining us. Participants were Back row standing left to right: Bob (Nagato), Tyler (Yamato), Lou (Zach’s Nagato), Brandon (Caio Dulio), Rick (Jamaica), Andy (Nagato), Mike (Seydlitz), Peter (Erin). Second row: McCoy (Zara), Addie (Tourville), Tom (Alaska), Matthew (Nagato).




NATS 2021

July 12-16, 2021. The weeklong national event was held in Oakboro, North Carolina. Multiple Port Polar Bear captains made the trip as follows from left to right: Tyler (Yamato), McCoy (Zara), Andy (Nagato), Zach (Nagato), Peter (Erin), Matthew (Nagato), Bob (Nagato), Mike (Seydlitz). Mike, Peter, and Matthew flew while the rest took 2 vehicles and 25 ships (8 primaries, 4 secondary cruisers, 2 secondary pre-dreads, and 11 convoy ships): Duca d’Aosta, Yamato, Zara, Nagato, Glorie, Nagato, Erin, Nagato, Glorie, Nagato, Seydlitz, Glorie; Chitose, LST, LST, Andy’s Freighter, Hikawa Maru, Hie Maru, Heian Maru, Hikawa Maru, Ryujo, Ryuho, Peter’s Freighter, Radetzky, Zrinyi. The Axis/Allies roster was scrapped well before Nats and for the first time ever Nats was a Red vs Blue fleet battle from the onset. Tyler was the Blue Fleet Admiral and the 7 others were likewise on the Blue Fleet. Control of the water was in favor of the Blue fleet for the first 3 battles (5k, 400, 9k point victories) as was the first campaign by 15k. The 4th and 5th fleet battles were won by the Red fleet by about 2k as was Thursday campaign by 7k. The Blue fleet carried the week by 19,000 points.



For more pictures of captains from previous battles, click the link: Past Regionals Archive

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